Monday, June 30, 2014

Exclusive Games On

Exclusive Games On is a fantastic flash games portal and it has grown in popularity ever since its launch in the year 2001. This particular portal is very popular amongst players from all age groups and genders. All kinds of games without any compromise on quality are what you can find here on

New games keep getting added to the site on regular basis and so players find something new each day which keeps them interested in the site getting them to revisit and perhaps even bookmark the site on their computers. There may be so many other reasons for the liking of this site but my personal reason is the exclusive games that are launched by I truly love all the exclusive games on the portal. They are of good quality and distinguished concepts.

It is hard for me to choose my favorite games from the rich list of exclusive games that they have. However, I have randomly picked up five games that I would like you all to try out and understand as to why I love them. The five games are :

Woodwork Builder – Play by clicking

Neon Rabbits – Play by clicking

Gun Zombie Gun – Play by clicking

3D Tow Truck Mania – Play by clicking

Anti Meow Force – Play by clicking

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Most Appealing Zombie Killing Game

Most Appealing Zombie Killing Game
If you are keen player of online games, you must have come across numerous games where the main objective is to kill the zombies. The killing of the zombies can be for different reasons but one thing that does not change is that you get satisfied killing zombies as a human. I am sure you must have always hoped for a game that fitted the ‘Zombie Killing’ genre but was still one of its kind. Well, here your wish comes true and thanks to who are known to come up with new and innovative games.

One of their latest releases is titled Gun Zombie Gun. This fabulous game is actually a blend of two or more different types of game elements. It basically combines zombie killing with physics and shooting games elements. There are 25 levels and some bonus levels to ensure that the fun of playing the game lasts for a rather long time. The player will be in control of the hero who is equipped with a gun and is ready to shoot down all the zombies that he can see around. Some of the zombies may not be easy to reach. That is when the player has to come good with his physics skills. The interesting feature of the bullets ricocheting from the hard surfaces does help big time. The game only requires the computer mouse for the game play.

You can play Gun Zombie Gun by following the link Visit to find a very rich collection of excellent online games like Gun Zombie Gun.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014



How many of you like bubble games? Well, I am almost certain that most of you will be answering to this question with a big ‘Yes’. who have the reputation of launching games to offer best gaming experiences to their visitors have launched this brand new online game called Bubblenator.

Bubblenator could possibly be a word formed with the combination of two words – Bubbles and Terminator. So, it is understood that here in the game, you as a player will come across lots of bubbles and your objective should be to terminate those bubbles. You will have a powerful and upgradable cannon to use for the termination of the bubbles. You got to be quick and effective while launching attacks on the waves of the bubbles because you should prevent them from reaching the other side of the screen. 

The waves of bubbles will become more and more resilient as the game progresses. To give yourself the best chance of successfully stopping the bubbles, you should use the money earned on useful upgrades. Stopping the bubbles will not be an impossible challenge but it will not be a cakewalk by any stretch of imagination. You will have to fight hard for victory.

Bubblenator is a game playable by following the link There are so many other awesome online games like Bubblenator here on

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Inferno Legend

Inferno Legend

Inferno Legend has managed to set a new trend and put forward such a wonderful gaming experience for players that it is now one of the most talked about online games. Everything about the game seems to be of high quality but one that really stands out is the plot of the game. Players who are going to be taking part in this game will be playing as the devil that will be fighting for the evil existence of darkness. Justice will be redefined and perhaps even snatched from the hands of the humans who claim to be the bosses of justice.

You as the player of the game will have to choose the race of devils and charge against the so-called Authorities of Justice. Proper planning and execution will be vital in deciding the outcome of the battles. There are many different pets, player arena, random generated battles, exploration system, and miracle system.

This online game from Unity 3D platform has high quality graphics and very good arts that make the gaming experience so special that one will want to play the game over and over again. This presentation of is available on PC, IOS and Android. Play the game at Now Gamez here and have fun playing this awesome game.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas games Santa Carnage

Everyone is very busy preparing for the Christmas ahead. It is so obvious that everyone likes to receive gifts and presents. is delighted to present all the online gamers with this brand new presentation called Santa Carnage. The excitement of playing the game is perfect for the season and there is no reason that you should not be a part of it.

Here in Santa Carnage, the Christmas father is furious and he has decided to take justice in his own hand. He will not let the bad fellows spoil the Christmas mood like they have been doing in the previous years. So, he will take them down in Santa Carnage. He is armed with a bazooka that has to be used to launch the rockets of different types to take down all the bad ones seen around. There are 24 levels in the game and so the fun will continue for a rather long time.

Take time to visit, which will serve before you so many stupendous online games such as Santa Carnage. To initiate playing Santa Carnage without the trouble of looking out for the game on the site, you may follow

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deadtonatorz mobile and webgame

Deadtonatorz mobile and webgame.

Deadtonatorz the latest release of is a fabulous free online game, which is also made available on the App Store or on the Android Market. The game has hardly taken anytime to grab the attention and admiration of the players. The game is highly recommended for all those that like excitement and zombie elimination.

This multi level game is based on the main concept of zombie elimination. As the levels increase, the difficulties will increase as well. You have to be good enough to master the use of the bomberbugs because you are supposed to use them effectively in order to take down all the zombies that you around. Make the most of the opportunity to trigger the chain reaction to detonate all the zombies in one go. 

Visit where you will find a rich collection of excellent online games such as Deadtonatorz.  Clicking on will let you play Deadtonatorz instantly.