Friday, October 16, 2015

Crush The Tower

We all thought that the team NowGamez had gone dormant but as a matter of fact, they have been contemplating and working hard to come up with yet another master piece. They have always been climbing the ladder and they were in no mood to change the trend even this time. They just wanted a bit more time and their fans that have been waiting so eagerly will be glad to know that their patient wait was worth. It was always going to be a challenge for NowGamez because they had already raised the bar with their two big releases earlier this year. Yes, we are talking about MADFIST and MADFIST Retro. These games were instant hits and the addiction level associated with the games was so high that they continue to be liked and played by many players from around the globe.

However, finally we have another perfect replacement, perhaps a better replacement and the best part is that it is the same team even this time. Yes, NowGamez is proud and confident to present their newest game called ‘Crush The Tower’. The game features a brave knight who has the responsibility of rescuing the 5 princesses who are trapped at some higher levels on the tower.

Normally a knight is expected to fight but this one has come up with another idea. He has decided to use a hammer to knock down segments of the tower to bring the princesses closer to himself instead of him going closer to the princesses. He is still not safe because there are so many dangerous constructions, weapons and monsters that come down along with the lowering tower. The knight has to avoid them and he can do that by changing his side again and again. The time factor does have a huge influence on the game play because the knight can continue hitting the tower only as long as time allows him to do so. It will be equally important for him to collect the coins and other useful items floating in the air. These coins can be used to purchase upgrades without which it will be impossible for the knight to succeed in his quest.

The game has some other options like ‘Use Extra Life’, ‘Customize’, ‘Quests’ and ‘Shop’. These options are not just for the sake of making the game look big. They do have a very positive influence on the game play making the game even more interesting. One thing to be warned about the game is that it is highly addictive. Keep away from the game if you do not like to waste any time relaxing and having fun because this game is going to kill your many hours without letting you get bored even for a minute.
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